"Last Open Course for 2016" Verbal Judo for The Contact Professional

will be held at the Ibis Hotel, Perth Western Australia Friday 28th October 2016 9.00am - 4.00pm  

Presenter: Will King

Bookings have now closed

​New Director for Verbal Judo Australia

As of 31st October, 2016, Will King the Director of Verbal Judo Australia will be retiring, and the new Director is Trevor Lawson, formally the Victorian Associate for Verbal Judo Australia.  Will would like to thank past and present clients for their business and support over the last 20 years.

For all training enquiries please contact Trevor Lawson;

Email: Trevor@verbaljudo.com.au

Ph:0497 488 468  

Excellence in Tactical Communication for the Contact Professional 

 Verbal Judo tactical communication training teaches the genuine art of persuasion that redirects others behaviour using your presence and words skillfully to generate voluntary compliance. By using tried and tested tactics it shows how to stay calm, de-esculate situations, treat people with Respect,  and professionally handle verbal resistance and abuse, and therefore reduce conflict, and dramatically increase the safety and professionalism of every encounter.  It is one of the most powerful and successful internationally recognised customer service and negotiations training courses available and is crucial core training for frontline staff and supervisors.

 Verbal Judo Australia is the exclusive sole provider throughout Australia - Asia Pacific Region for Verbal Judo programs for and on behalf of the Verbal Judo Institute Inc USA. The National Office is in Perth Western Australia and the Victorian Office is in Werribee, Victoria, Australia.

Will King,  Director of Verbal Judo Australia,  studied under, and was certified by the late Dr George Thompson, Founder of The Verbal Judo Institute Inc, USA.  In 1996 Will commenced delivering courses throughout Australia and has since delivered over  2000 programs to clients which include  federal, state,  and  local government agencies, education, health care professionals, police and  law enforcement agencies, and areas of the private sector including airlines and financial institutions.  This internationally recognised training has been adopted by thousands of agencies throughout Australia, USA, Canada, and Europe.  

Trevor Lawson,  our Victorian Associate is a motivated  and  dynamic trainer who brings  with him a wealth of experience especially  in the operation, co-ordination and management of hospital security and the training of medical staff. 

All inquiries regarding  training throughout  Australia - Asia Pacific Region are to be directed to Verbal Judo Australia.  The USA do not train persons outside of the USA.   Verbal Judo® ™ is a registered   trademark throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Copying of Verbal Judo materials strictly prohibited.  Copyright © Dr George Thompson Verbal Judo Institute Inc. USA 1983 - 2016

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Sole Australia - Asia Pacific provider  for The Verbal Judo Institute Inc USA   since 1996
Owner and CEO of The Verbal Judo Institute Inc USA  is Pam Thompson    (widow of the late Dr. George Thompson)