Are you in the healthcare, education, security or customer service industry? There has been greater public awareness of workplace violence in these sectors, and a huge push to improve the safety and wellbeing of employees.


What is workplace violence?

Workplace or occupational violence are instances of verbal and emotional abuse or threats, and/or physical attack to an individual or to property by another individual or group.


How does workplace violence affect companies?

Workplace violence affects companies from top to bottom, from the employees who regularly encounter stressful situations, all the way through to the executive level.



  • Employees experiencing reduced wellbeing and productivity.
  • Costs to business through complaints, lawsuits, revenue loss and high staff turnover.
  • Adversely affecting the reputation of your business or organisation.


We help you empower yourself and your employees to have greater control in emotionally charged situations.

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Verbal Judo teaches you tried and tested tactics to de-escalate situations, treat people with respect and professionally handle verbal resistance and abuse
— Will King, Former Director of Verbal Judo Australia