[Verbal Judo] systematically approaches and breaks down an out-of-control situation / person and provides context as to how and why ‘things have gotten to this point’ in the first place; and how to swiftly turn it around.”
— Kristin Lawson, Consultation Liaison Psychiatric Nurse.
Trevor brought to the training a very practical, relaxed and genuine interest in this area. His skill at encouraging participants to reflect on their practice and go away to make changes made this a hugely beneficial day of training.
— Fiona Connally, Team Leader, Mental Health
I came away from Trevor’s session feeling better equipped to deal with challenging behaviours and situations. The techniques acquired will assist me greatly with the way I conduct my business, particularly in my approach to Accident Investigations. I would highly recommend this training to all mangers as a way of learning skills to defuse challenging situations.
— Wes Hartley, OHS Advisor/No Lift Coordinator.

From a customer service perspective, Verbal Judo training is at the upper echelon of its field. Verbal Judo recognises that we, as a service industry, are unable to change people’s manners or attitudes however it clearly arms us with the knowledge of how to deal with these people and get them to comply with our requirements and requests.
— Flight Attendant Manager
I have utilised both the 5 step and eight step methods during operational policing, and I have found this method to be extremely effective during vehicle stops. During conversations with difficult individuals, I have also had success in that to date, I have never had to go to the final stage of the five step hard style, as these persons have eventually complied with a request after having their “options” explained to them. I therefore highly recommend these methods as instructed, as I have had nothing but success.
— Western Australia Police Service
This should be taught to all MH staff.
— Chris- Mental Health Nurse
Verbal judo - very interesting and highly adaptable.
Presentation was very well articulated, followed by real life examples, marvellous day of training.
Would highly recommend to everyone.
— Ali - Security Officer, Public Hospital
Was good to be introduced to the skills involved in Verbal Judo.
Trevor spoke very well and had a good mix of videos & examples, very engaging day.
I will certainly benefit from this course.
— Craig - Dept of Water, Western Australia
Brilliant, relatable & great use of examples.
Thank you - training was enjoyable & I am motivated to use it.
— Brett - Local Government, Western Australia
Very effective. can see see how it can be used effectively in a school.
Will help lots with my job and home life,
— Danielle - Teacher, Primary School
Great tools for life situations, dealing with people in a positive way. Fabulous workshop.
— Kaye - Teacher, Primary School
Best communication course I have done by far
— Doireann - Environmental Health Officer, Local Government