Trevor Lawson

Director - Asia Pacific Region, Verbal Judo Australia

With over 20 years experience as frontline security in the health sector, and as an instructor in management of aggression strategies and customer services skills, Trevor Lawson knows that Verbal Judo principles work. Trevor was trained and certified as a Verbal Judo Associate by Will King, former Director of Verbal Judo Australia and is a passionate and dynamic presenter of Verbal judo.


Will King (Retired 2016)

 Former Australian - Asia Pacific Region Director, Verbal Judo Australia

Verbal Judo Australia is the sole provider for the Australian and Asia-Pacific Region, and Will has trained over 80,000 clients from corporate business, education, health care, law enforcement agencies, police and government sectors. His background includes 21 years with the Western Australia Police, including five years as the Senior Instructor of their Tactical Training Unit.

The late George J. Thompson Ph.D. (1941 - 2011)

President and Founder, Verbal Judo

Dr Thompson created the internationally recognised training program in Tactical Communication known as “Verbal Judo”. He taught over 300,000 police officers from over 1,000 police departments in the USA and Canada, as well as numerous corporations like IBM, Metro Life, and General Motors. His work has been featured on CNN, 48 Hours and Inside Edition, and he was recognised as an Outstanding Educator of America.